Our standard payment plan is a $500 deposit, a $1,000 payment due 30 days after acceptance to a program, a second $1,000 payment due 60 days after acceptance, and a third $1,000 payment due 90 days after acceptance.  The final payment would be due 30 days after we purchase your air ticket. 

So when you submit your application, a $500 deposit is needed for it to be considered.  If you were accepted on 15 November 2015, $1,000 payments would be due on 15 December 2015, 15 January 2016, and 15 February 2016.  Your final payment would then be due about 30 days before the start of your study tour.

If you are not accepted to a program for any reason, we will refund your entire deposit.  If you are accepted, we would mail you your custom ICEE fleece jacket, your journal, paperwork, etc.

Accounts that are seriously past due may be assessed a finance charge.

That being said, we would be happy to work with you if an alternate payment plan would better meet your needs...