How ICEE Makes Travel Affordable

As a not-for-profit study abroad organization, with a goal of providing all students with life-changing international experiences, ICEE ’s policy is to select the very best international experiences for our programs while maintaining the lowest possible total cost for students.  ICEE’s pricing is comprehensive and covers everything needed for a given international experience including air transportation, lodging, and all activities listed on the final itinerary.  In addition, food and educational materials (i.e., books, academic articles, etc.) are included in the study tour price whenever they are appropriate for a specific program.

ICEE’s logistical and planning is second to none.  As we were also once university students, we understand the financial challenges faced by students and their families when considering international experiences.  So we offer the best study tours for the price in the educational travel industry. Period.

We encourage you to compare any of our international programs side-by-side with any others you are considering.  You will find what previous ICEE students have already determined: that ICEE will provide you with more activities and a superior experience at prices 40% less than any other international program.