Why Experiential Learning?

You are no doubt used to the typical classroom consisting of four walls, some windows, desks, chairs, and notes projected on a screen.  But ICEE’s classroom bears no resemblance to how you are used to learning.  Instead, our classroom consists of experiences such as swimming in the open ocean with wild dolphins in New Zealand, hiking in the Australian Outback, listening to traditional music in an Irish pub, scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, sampling wine and enjoying a traditional meal in Tuscany, playing with elephants and tigers in Thailand, and experiencing a musical performance at the Sydney Opera House.

Higher education in the United States has, in most cases, forgotten the importance of developing the individual as well as the value of experiencing something first-hand instead of just in the classroom.  Many colleges and universities have forgotten the importance of fostering genuine curiosity and a passion for learning in students.  Our approach to education is unique and our goal is to help correct this problem through our strong commitment to experiential learning.

Every ICEE program is designed to engage and inspire student participants through a rich combination of intellectual engagement and experiential learning.  Whether walking with an Aboriginal host in the Australian Outback, sharing a beverage with a new Irish friend, or scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, ICEE students learn by doing rather than by just taking notes.
Most ICEE students don’t fully realize all of the benefits they’ve received through their ICEE program until they have had time to reflect upon their experiences in the months and years following their participation.  During your international experience with ICEE, you will be challenged to try many different types of activities, with the intention that you learn a new skill, a new perspective, or something new about yourself. 

We encourage all of our students to actively challenge themselves and ICEE students have never failed to be open to new experiences and to find ways to appropriately push themselves outside of their comfort zones.  ICEE students become part of the places to which we travel and experience our extraordinary destinations in a way an ordinary tourist cannot.