Expert Guides

Every ICEE program is supported by a collaborative team of academics and highly trained local partners.  ICEE team members are dynamic, energetic, creative, responsible, knowledgeable, and fun.  They know the destinations you’ll visit well and want to share their love of travel with you.

All ICEE programs are led by an academic director - an accomplished academic possessing a Ph.D. who is active at his or her own university - who also possesses vast knowledge of the locations visited in our programs.  Academic directors are responsible for logistics, synthesis of field experiences, cultural immersion, student advising, on-site risk management, and daily program operations.  These faculty, in close consultation with ICEE, experiences to match student needs and interests.  Academic directors have extensive teaching experience in higher education, study abroad, and international and local businesses that can contribute to the experience of students.  They are experts in their fields and extremely well networked in-country in order to provide students with a rich cultural context.  In addition, all ICEE academic directors also possess advanced certifications in emergency first aid and scuba diving.

ICEE students also benefit from ICEE’s carefully selected local partners with whom ICEE has developed long-term professional and personal relationships.  There are literally thousands of local tour operators who would like to partner with us but who fail to meet ICEE’s standards.