Why Small Groups?

The world is a big place - a really big place.  If you want to travel on your own, there’s a plethora of different languages to learn, borders to cross, and cultures to negotiate.  ICEE makes these things easy and allows you to maximize your international experience.  Instead of worrying about logistics, you can focus all your energy on having the experience of a lifetime.  So why spend hours agonizing over every detail of a solo expedition when you can leave it to ICEE - an entity that lives and breathes your style of travel.

Further, moments are better shared and the beauty of small group travel isn’t just new places, it’s in the new perspectives you gain from the journey.  It’s in the stories you hear while on the road and the friendships you forge - friendships that will stick around long after your tan has faded.  Our students come from all walks of life but are united in their desire to explore new places and ideas.
We believe that the smaller the group, the better the experience.  That’s why we strictly enforce our maximum group size policies on all of our tours.  In addition, whenever possible, we try to keep our tours to ten students or less.  As a small group, we don’t overpower and dominate the places we visit - instead, your experience will be authentic truly reflect the nature of the places you visit.
Traveling in a small group will also allow you to feel more like you are traveling with a bunch of friends rather than on an organized study tour.  It means that you will experience more of the local culture.  It means you will interact more with the locals.  It means that you will learn more - both about the places you visit and yourself.

Traveling with fellow student creates a spirit of collaboration and teamwork.  You’ll develop strong bonds with your new friends and you’ll gain a whole new dimension from being with them when seeing a new place or supporting each other before embarking on a new experience like scuba diving.

Lasting friendships often begin on an ICEE study tour, semester, or year-long program.  Your traveling companions are students like you: active, engaged, and curious about the world.