Our Commitment to You

ICEE Focuses on the Individual

At ICEE, we believe that if you develop the person, they will excel in everything they do -- classes, career, etc.  Our alumni frequently tell us that ICEE ignited a passion for their careers and that their experiences while in an ICEE program were “life changing.”  Many have altered their long-term career plans as a direct consequence of their experiences during our study tours.  Some have decided to travel to Thailand independently to teach English for a year or two.  Others have changed their majors and career paths significantly due to new-found interests.  Still others go with us on additional study tours with us to new destinations because of a newfound desire to experience the world with new friends…

At ICEE we are making a difference and changing our world for the better.  Although our Academic Directors are active university Academic, we understand that classroom learning is merely the beginning, and not the end, of the acquisition of knowledge.  We firmly believe in the power of experiential learning to build upon what students learn in the classroom.  By offering programs across the globe for nearly a decade. we have found that students learn best through travel; skills such as cultural competency and a passion to explore and learn about the world are traits shared by every ICEE alumni.  Curiosity is a virtue in life.  Travel represents a search for that which can’t be Googled.  It exhibits a desire to live life rather than just reading about it on a smartphone.  The real magic of our tours happens well away from a beaten path.  It happens in the little wine bars in Venice, on the ziplines over waterfalls in Laos, in the Irish countryside, in the stars visible in the Outback, and a multitude of other places you will never find in any search engine.

ICEE prepares students to be inter-culturally effective and good global citizens.  To accomplish this goal, ICEE has developed a worldwide network of local partners committed to responsible global citizenship.

ICEE’s Programs Will Challenge and Inspire You

Our small-group tours will challenge and inspire you.  You will acquire valuable skills and knowledge that will enhance both your academic and professional careers.  Most importantly, after your ICEE experience, you will never view the world - or yourself - in the same way again.  In fact, you will move along the path from knowledge to wisdom.  You will develop important skills in communication, teamwork, critical thinking which will make you a stronger candidate for graduate school or any professional job.  No matter which ICEE program you choose, you will acquire a unique perspective on what it truly takes to be a good “global citizen.”

ICEE Respects Students

At ICEE, we respect students and are willing to prove it.  Our study tours offer more high-quality experiences for students than any other study tour program at a much lower cost.  For example, during our Australia study tour, we are the only program that includes Cairns, Alice Springs, and Sydney over a 21-day period.  Further, the 5-day Outback portion of this study tour was identified a few years ago as being a “tour of a lifetime” by National Geographic.  We encourage you to compare our programs with others - you’ll see a substantial difference in terms of both quality and tuition price.

Unlike other programs, we also never cancel a study tour unless there are severe weather problems, war, terrorism, or some other factor totally beyond our control.  We don’t cancel study tours two months before departure like other study abroad programs because the didn’t get 25 students signed up for the trip.  Instead, when a student signs up for one of our programs, he or she can be assured that they will be going on the tour. 

Why would we run tours that may not cover our costs?  First, the decision to go on a study tour is a big decision for nearly every student and we don’t want to disappoint them by canceling a study tour.  Second, we ask students to sign up and make payments for our study tour (i.e., to believe in ICEE) so we believe we have an obligation to guarantee the study tour will run -- even if we need to run the tour at a financial loss (thankfully, this hasn’t happened too often).  Finally, after signing up for an ICEE program, students adjust their winter or summer plans, both in terms of academics and employment, in order to attend -- so we believe it is completely inappropriate to cancel a study tour after students have made arrangements in order to go…

Finally, there are no hard deadlines for applying to our programs.  If a study tour isn’t full, we will do whatever we can to accommodate last minute applications from students.  We have extremely good professional relationships with our international partners and have always been able to add students -- even up to two weeks or so before the start of a study tour.

After your ICEE Experience

ICEE is more than just a short-term experience.  We strive to have every parent and student feel a part of the ICEE family. We are in contact our past ICEE students and remain in contact with them as they move into their professional careers and beyond.  After you return from your ICEE experience, we are here to help you learn how to define your experience abroad for potential employers and graduate schools.  We’ll help you articulate your experience on your resume and in interviews.  We are here to write you recommendations, to provide help with independent travel plans, to wish you “Happy Birthday,” and to aid you in any way in which we are able.  Many students travel with us again and again, but even if you only go on a single journey with us, we’re here for you!