What Inspires Us

Our experiential education programs have been running internationally since we first launched a short-term study tour to Australia nearly a decade ago.  Since then, our programs have grown to include Europe, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Nepal, and the South Pacific.  By taking students out of their home-countries and out of their comfort zones, mixing them together with like-minded college and university students from across the U.S. and around the world, our programs offer students an educational alternative far super to the traditional classroom.

During our programs, you will ask your self many questions.  Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? What matters to me? How do I define success?  ICEE will help you to answer these important questions.  Although travel to unfamiliar destinations can be challenging for you, your journey with ICEE will also be exhilarating, valuable, and liberating for you.

What makes ICEE unique is its commitment to its students.  We are at the forefront of experiential education.  We purposefully create student-to-Academic Director ratios that allow for deep personal connections with every student.   We build in exactly the correct amount of travel in each program so that students are exposed to a variety of cultural environments.  We have international students traveling with our American students to multiply everyone’s international knowledge.  Our desire to develop the individual through dynamic educational programs is a drive that dates all the way back to when our Executive Director offered his very first study tour for Penn State University over twenty years ago.

As an organization, ICEE embraces our role as an agent of positive change in higher education.  While students can go on their own to the destinations ICEE visits, ride a tour bus around, and take some photographs, with ICEE they gain a deeper understanding of the destinations they visit as well as an uncommon depth of experience that simply isn’t available anywhere else.  We do not aspire to be the largest provider of international programs, just the best!