Who We Are

The International Centre for Exploration and Education (ICEE) is a leading provider of international experiences for university students from around the globe.  Our authentic, life-changing, small-group international experiences are available to American and students from around the globe.  Our focus is experiential learning and we provide our students with once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunities and experiences in order to enhance their knowledge of the world and themselves. 

For nearly a decade, ICEE has been providing college and university students with amazing international experiences in dynamic, creative ways that college-based study abroad offices are unable to duplicate.  These opportunities and experiences not only ensure that ICEE students gain the academic knowledge and intercultural skills they will need to prepare them for their future careers in a globalized world, but also show them that the journey to that knowledge can be fun and rewarding in and of itself!

ICEE is committed to the following:

Historically, travel was about expanding ones understanding of the world - it was an encounter with wonder, a veritable feast for the mind and the senses.  At ICEE, we are passionate about discovery, we are moved by the marvels the world provides travelers, and we always want to know what is around the next corner.  This spirit of adventure is clearly evident in all of our trips.  We aren’t content to merely scratch the surface during our tours: we prefer to actually explore our destinations; to get immersed in the places visited; and to get to know the locals - their culture, their cuisine, and their everyday lives.  Our programs are carefully crafted to draw out the authenticity of every destination we visit and to celebrate that which makes it unique.