Italy & Malta Highlights

From wandering the ancient paths walked by Roman Emperors to basking in the sun on the Mediterranean islands of Malta, nothing seduces like this slice of “la dolce vita” (the good life).  On this study tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit two incredible countries: Italy and Malta.  You’ll be able to indulge your pasta-eating desires in Rome, sample unique local liquors in Valletta, and fine-tune the art of wandering through the masterpiece-filled museums in Florence.

Italy is home to culinary greats, effortlessly cool cities, and magical stone villas while the country of Malta, although not as well known to Americans, is gifted with a temperate Mediterranean climate, a bounty of beaches, and a rich history.

Get into the good life by using a specially trained dog to find truffles in Tuscany’s hinterland, go hiking among the fortifications in one of the many stone forts in Malta, and be awed by the history that is Rome.  Being a gourmet is the lifeblood and livelihood for many who live here, so there will be plenty for you to try and taste during this adventure.  The food is phenomenal, but the people you’ll meet are what will make this a trip of a lifetime.  So be introduced to your new friends in Italy & Malta, learn more than you ever expected in 15 days, and savor the romantic splendor of both of these fascinating countries.  You’ll never look back!