Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos In Depth

The saying that you “can’t have it all” is proven wrong by this 33-day adventure!  During this study tour, you’ll explore peaceful temples, take in amazing vistas, make and sample tasty food, and get to know the welcoming people of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos.

The allure of Southeast Asia is in the unexpected juxtaposition of stunning pagodas, pirturesque colonial architecture, and modern skyscrapers.  Southeast Asia is a colorful ruckus of market streets where silk lamps and t-shirts are sold next to cilantro and fresh vegetables, of tranquil terraced rice fields and villages lost in time, and of modern extreme sports.  

This study tour will allow you to experience Indochina on a unique adventure that will provide you with the very best activities at each location you visit.  You’ll take a traditional tuk-tuk to explore the ancient Khmer temples of Cambodia.  You’ll ride on the back of a motorbike on a food tour in bustling Saigon.  You’ll experience the surreal nightlife in ancient Luang Prabang.  You’ll kick back with a brew at the best microbrewery in Ho Chi Minh City.  You’ll take a day cruise on the mighty Mekong.  You’ll explore caves and waterfalls in the jungles surrounding Laos’ beautiful Luang Prabang.  You’ll trek across the Vietnamese countryside and visit remote Sapa hill tribe villages for a glimpse into the daily lives of local farmers.  And much, much more…