Additional FAQ's

Why study abroad with the International Centre for Exploration and Education (I.C.E.E.)?
Studying abroad provides you with an once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I.C.E.E. is committed to providing you with an engaging, hands-on experience to allow you to explore and master the capabilities you need to succeed - both in business and in life.

Our tours are intended to allow you to

Finally, we offer you a better experience at a lower price than any other organization offering study tours. Why? Because as a nonprofit educational organization, our primary concern is your experience...not just the bottom line!



Who will be leading my tour?
All I.C.E.E. educational tours are led by experienced faculty guides who are knowledgeable about the locations you visit on the tour and who are also seasoned travelers. Our guides frequently partner with in-country guides to ensure that you have an unforgettable tour experience.



Are flights included in the price of the program?
No. But we make all of your flight reservations and book your tickets at the lowest possible price.

We will also be happy to accommodate you if you would like to leave early (for example, to visit friends somewhere on the way) or return late - just let us know what you would like!



How do I pay for my tour?
Our standard payment schedule is as follows:

Both trip deposits and payments may be made by personal check, money order, or by Paypal. Checks drawn on foreign banks must be imprinted by the bank as payable in U.S. funds.



Can my tour dates change?
We may make minor adjustments to the start and end dates based on the availability of air transportation, local guides, etc.  We recommend that you allow for three days before and after the originally stated start/end dates for our tours.  Should any changes actually be necessary, we will inform you prior to your trip’s start date.



What travel documents will I need?
A valid passport with at least three blank pages that is valid for at least six months after your return date is required for all of our international trips.  For those tours requiring visas or electronic travel authorizations, any necessary fees are included in the tour price and I.C.E.E. will obtain the necessary documents for you as long as you meet all of the requirements imposed by the countries requiring such documents.



How much luggage should I bring?
Less is best!  Keep it simple and pack as light as possible. You will be moving from place to place often and you will be required to carry your own luggage at all times. Dress will be casual for most of the trip.  Laundry facilities will be available (but may be limited for portions of the tour).

I.C.E.E. will provide you with a packing list and we recommend that you limit yourself to one suitcase and one carryon bag (preferably a backpack). I.C.E.E. will also advise you about any special customs of a particular culture if it will impact what you should pack.

You should also remember that luggage restrictions vary by airline.



What are the physical requirements?
All I.C.E.E. tours are physically demanding and some would even be considered rigorous. On our tours, you should expect full days and amazing experiences.  During our tours, you will gain knowledge and experiences through museum visits, hiking, snorkeling and/or scuba diving, and a variety of other activities.  

Activities will vary widely by the countries visited and an adventurous spirit on your part is a must!



Can I change my flights?
If you plan to travel to the tour destination early (before the tour begins) or stay behind after the tour is over, you need to let us know in your Tour Application.  I.C.E.E. will then make the reservations for you at the lowest possible price. After we purchase your tickets, it will be your responsibility to make any changes and pay any additional costs directly to the airline we have contracted with to provide the flight if you elect to make any additional changes.

You may not change the flights that occur during tour.



What airlines does I.C.E.E. use?
We use regularly scheduled flights offered by major airlines such as (but not limited to) Qantas, Air New Zealand, Air Vanuatu, United, Delta, Aer Lingus, US Airways, Lufthansa, and American Airlines. We always try to minimize any stops but please note that non-stop flights are subject to availability.



How much does airfare cost?
Based on past experience, you can expect to pay $750-$1,100 for round-trip tickets to Ireland or other destinations in Europe and $1,800 - $2,700 for round-trip tickets for our South Pacific Destinations (Australia, New Zealand, etc.) and Asia.

Please remember that these are only estimates and that your actual ticket prices may be lower or higher based upon when you apply, your origin city, airline pricing/fees, and other factors.  You will only pay what the airline charges for your tickets - no surcharges.

Also, please remember that our Australia tour includes at least six (6) flights and our New Zealand tour at least five (5) flights.  All of these flights are included in the aforementioned estimates.

Does I.C.E.E. offer college credit for its tours?
No. Our faculty has found that the true value of studying abroad for students is the experience itself – not college credit. In addition, students were paying for credits that they never bothered to transfer to their home institutions - a substantial waste of their money.  When you begin interviewing for jobs after graduation, you will be asked whether you studied overseas, not how many credits you earned for doing so.  By not providing college credit, we are able to offer you a superior experience at a much lower price.

But if you decide that you do need college credit, please contact us and we can usually arrange for college credits conditional upon your completion of additional academic assignments and payment of all tuition fees.

What if I can no longer travel on tour?  Should I purchase travel insurance?
If this is a concern for you, I.C.E.E. strongly recommends that you purchase trip insurance including trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Please discuss any problems with us before cancelling your tour as we will do all that we can to help you.

In addition, you should review our cancellation policy before you cancel any tour. Our policy takes into consideration the amount we spend on your tour at every stage of the tour planning and reservation process.  

In order to cancel your tour, you must inform us in writing.

If you must cancel before departure, money paid will be returned less the cancellation fees as specified on the Educational Tour Application. 

[Departure is defined as the date of the first flight from the continental 48 states, or the trip departure date as indicated on our Trip Itinerary, whichever comes first.  Cancellation and determination of cancellation fee is effective on the date of receipt of your written notification to I.C.E.E.]

No partial refunds are possible for unused accommodations, air/ land travel, or activities included in the tour.

Cancellation dates are determined by the date I.C.E.E. receives and confirms notification. Refund checks are generally mailed within 4-6 weeks of the date I.C.E.E. receives and confirms notification.

If you want additional insurance to provide coverage for lost baggage, flight delays, tour cancellation (by you if, for example, you become ill), tour interruption insurance, etc., it is your responsibility to acquire any desired coverage.



Can I apply any deposits or cancellation fees to future trips?
Deposits or cancellation fees may be applied to future trips at the sole discretion of I.C.E.E.



What is an optional activity?
An optional activity is something that serves to supplement what’s already included in your tour itinerary. If you choose to participate in an optional activity, you will be responsible for any fees associated with the activity. Examples of optional activities include bungy jumping, skydiving, visits to additional attractions, snowboarding, etc.

The cost of optional activities vary by type of activity selected and can range from a few dollars to $600 or more.

Will I have any free time to explore on my own?
Absolutely!  All of our tours include time for you to explore on your own…



What types of accommodation does I.C.E.E. use?
We use accommodations that are safe, clean and comfortable. Such accommodations include, but are not limited to, hostels, hotels, motels, and camping areas (on some tours). While some of the accommodations we use have private baths, others are more dorm-like and have a shared bath.

You will have your own bed in a shared room with other travelers.  Please contact us if you have any special lodging requests.

Private rooms are sometimes available at an additional cost of at least US$50.00 per night with advance notice required at least 60 days before your tour start date.



What is the food like?
Any meals provided by I.C.E.E. are either catered as part of a local tour or are provided by your accommodation (for example, a breakfast included with a hotel room).

Although eating out while overseas is a great way to experience a new culture, you can frequently save money by using the full kitchens provided for guests at many of our accommodations. If you want to make your own meals in these kitchens, your I.C.E.E. guide will show you where groceries are available for purchase. 



Does I.C.E.E. accommodate special dietary requests?
Absolutely!  We will do our best to accommodate any dietary needs but unfortunately cannot guarantee every request. Please notify I.C.E.E. within 60 days of your tour start date if you have any special dietary requests.



Should I purchase travel health insurance?
Not unless you want to have additional coverage.  I.C.E.E. purchases travel health insurance for all of our clients.



What are departure fees?
Departure fees include costs assessed by governments, airlines, and airports, such as departure taxes and baggage fees. I.C.E.E. will pay those fees listed in each tour description but does not cover all departure fees including, but not limited to, any excess baggage fees.



How much spending money should I bring?
We recommend that you budget $30 to $50 per day for spending money, optional activities, and food. While you may not need so much, it is a good guideline for planning purposes. We recommend that you bring at least $300 in U.S. currency with you as a reserve and use ATMs to withdraw money from your bank account in the local currency while on your tour. Please contact us by email or at 484-467-2578 if you have any additional questions.



How much should I tip?
Tipping for meals varies by the country visited.  For example, in Vanuatu, tipping represents an obligation that the receiver must return - so it is best not to tip.  Your I.C.E.E. guide will brief you on the tipping etiquette for the countries you visit.

In addition, please remember that our local tour guides work hard to provide you with an once-in-a-lifetime experience.  A tip at the end of a tour is a great way to show your appreciation. While all non-discretionary gratuities are included in the tour price, I.C.E.E. does not include gratuities for our local tour operators. We suggest that you tip our local tour operators approximately $5.00 per day.



I have some medical issues that may impact what I can do on the tour.  Are there any special requirements?
No. You should, however, be sure to consult with your physicians and other applicable medical service providers regarding your international travel plans. In addition, you should disclose to I.C.E.E. any information that will allow us to understand your specific circumstances.

You should also continue any prescribed medications while on your tour and be sure to bring a sufficient supply of any needed medications.



Do I have to know or speak another language to study abroad?